The Vassal of Shenlong

Bring in the Lunar New Year with D&D (5e)

Celebrate the Lunar New Year and the conclusion of our D&D Chinese Mythology series with our final adventure, The Vassal of Shenlong

After this year-long campaign, adventurers will see the results of their completion of three previous quests: Cavern of Fuzanglong, Lake of Xuanwu, and Mountain of Fenghuang.

Join us for an unforgettable finale!


Tickets $30
Doors Open 12:30pm | Game Begins 1pm

Edmonton Chinese Multi-Cultural Center
9540 102 Ave NW, Edmonton AB

How to Play:

The Shared World Format

Our shared-world campaigns are split into several types of sessions: Drop-in sessions, major events, and a series finale — all played within the city of Edmonton, AB

Series Finale
Sessions are held every two weeks. Players take part in a story arc lasting 4-6 sessions — the events of each session affect the shared story-line of the campaign. Drop-in sessions are currently on-hold (please continue to check back for updates)
Major Events

Drop-in sessions

A massive 4-hour dungeon raid event featuring multiple parties. Players can find and trade items, advance the story, and win major rewards! Our last major event took place on July 30, 2023
The conclusion to our campaign and the climax to the story — the finale is where you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor and bask in your character's epilogue. Series finale coming early 2024 (date TBA)

Current Sessions:

The Magical Leaf

Van Loc
D&D Drop-in Session
2pm — July 2nd, 2023

Welcome to Tai'an, a town which rests at the base of Mount Taishan, the most sacred mountain in all of Zhongguo. You and many others have arrived to challenge the mountain and reach the summit, where the legendary Fenghuang is said to reside. With her blessing, you hope to gain the favour of the celestial dragon, Shenlong, and become his next vassal on the mortal plane.

Session Details

Red Claw Gaming
13552 Fort Road Northwest, Edmonton, Alberta

February 26, 2023

** All ages and beginner-friendly event

Enter the Spirit Realm

Red Claw Gaming
D&D Drop-in Session
2pm — July 9th, 2023

The town of Tai'an has many interesting characters. One of which is the local blacksmith, Yang. He has asked you and your party for help in retrieving a special gem from the Lord of the Underworld, King Yan. With it, he hopes to impress the beautiful Hua, who is rumoured to have a marriage arranged with Merchant Li's son. Can you and you party enter the realm of the dead and return to the world of the living?

Session Details

Red Claw Gaming
13552 Fort Road Northwest, Edmonton, Alberta

February 26, 2023

** All ages and beginner-friendly event

Story Progress:

Campaign Progress:

Story Progress

Major Event — October 2022
Bi-weekly drop-in sessions starting
April 2023
Major Event - July 30, 2023
Major Event — February 2023
Bi-weekly drop-in sessions starting
May 2023. Sessions currently on hold

Series Finale — February 10th, 2024

Frequently asked questions:

Are beginners welcome?

All of our events welcome players of all experience levels. We even have beginner specific tables to get you started

Do I need to bring anything?

All the materials you need to start playing D&D will be provided for you. This includes pen, paper, dice, and even characters

What characters can I play?

You are free to bring your own character, however each event or drop-in session outlines the character creation rules for that adventure (found in the event description when you buy your tickets)

Can kids play?

Yes, Children as young as 8 years of age can play D&D at our events