Resplendent Recollections

Kevin Douangmany
June 20, 2022

A Blog About Running a Gamemastering Business

Hello, fellow game masters! My name is Kevin Douangmany and I’m the owner/operator of The Resplendent Cave. I’ve been a game master for five years, mainly focusing on the Dungeons and Dragons. I also DM part-time at my local cafe and host paid D&D events under The Resplendent Cave name.

Like so many other DM’s I want to make DM’ing my job. Entrepreneurial ventures already lack an exact roadmap, but in this particular case, any information on monetizing your skills as a DM are essentially non-existent. From what I’ve seen, the path can be boiled down to advertising your services as a DM on Facebook or Kijiji with a “Hello, I’m a DM for hire,” and hoping that someone won’t just see it, but actually contact you for a booking. Or maybe you might start a Twitch channel to try and get some viewers. 

This is why I want to start this blog. If I can, I want to make the journey towards financial independence a little more clear and I’ll do this by keeping a journal of my day-to-day operations, my thought processes, my strategies, my triumphs and my defeats. I intend to make this blog the go-to resource for game masters who want to make a living from their craft so stay tuned and I’m looking forward to having you all along with me for this adventure!

“I love this guy! He did a great job. I would recommend them to anyone seriously looking to get into DnD.” 

Ken b.

“Best campaign I've ever been a part of. Couldn't recommend Kevin enough.” 

sophie b.

“I’m working with these guys from now on!”

John Smith

“Top-notch job. Couldn’t have asked for better design and photography.

Phil Johnson